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The xsl:next-iteration instruction occurs within xsl:iterate. The contents are a set of xsl:with-param elements defining the values of the iteration parameters to be used on the next iteration.

The xsl:next-iteration instruction must not be followed by further instructions, though it can occur as the last thing in a branch of a conditional. It must appear lexically within the xsl:iterate instruction (and not, for example, in a called template or function).

Available in XSLT 3.0. From Saxon 9.8, available in all editions. Implemented in Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE since Saxon 9.6.

  • Category: instruction
  • Content: ( xsl:with-param* )
  • Permitted parent elements: any XSLT element whose content model is sequence-constructor; any literal result element
  • Element has no attributes


For details see xsl:iterate.

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